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I was working in the Valley of the great state of Texas for 4 weeks and was on my way home to Colorado two days before Turkey Day. I reached Christian shortly after the opening of business hours to tell him I was interested in buying a specific truck from him that day, for my grandmother, if he could work with me on the timing. I had to drive from San Antonio to their location. Unfortunately for the delays in construction and accidents on I-35 I didn't reach their shop till 5 minutes after closing. Christian was still there as promised and had the papers ready for me by the time I was done with the test Drive. The owner and him were more than approachable on any concerns or questions I had and answered them fully. They both went out of their way to make sure I was more than comfortable in my investment on the purchase as well as making the extra mile count by staying after hours to get the deal done. My grandmother will be most pleased with the new ride that I found her. Thanks for the experience you guys. Anyone that is tired of pushy salesmen or needs a better experience in their buying needs being met fully I would highly recommend carsandpickups.com

John Wirth

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