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Dear carsandpickups.com It is not often I leave review,however, due to exceptions service and an extremely professional staff at cars and pickups I feel it is at this point my responsibility to inform other buyers of such a business. After finding a truck online at www.carsandpickups.com,I started speaking with Matt who is the manager of the dealership. It wasn't long afterward I flew from Tampa to buy the truck. It was quite a confusing and troubling process dealing with my own financing and company reimbursement. matt helped all parties through the deal and kept a calm and professional stance at all times continuing to be positive and helpful even when other where not. matt is very strait forward and open with all information about vehicles, the pros and cons of financing and what is truly good for the buyer. It is easy to see that matt cares about his customers. I will refer C&P.com to anyone and everyone with car shopping needs. In closing, Matt values his integrity and that of his dealership. He upholds a true American standard Thanks you- W.S. 1stSgt USMC


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Skip the hassle, and find the perfect vehicle from the comfort of your home. Look through our entire inventory online. Do you live in the Dallas area? Then stop by. Want to fly down? We will pick you up. Want it shipped? We can take care of that for you too. You shouldn’t be limited in your selection based on where you live. Whether you are looking for a truck, something exotic, something luxurious, or even something unique and rare, you can believe that the Carsandpickups inventory won’t let you down.

With our impressive inventory, we attract local buyers from all over to our Dallas dealership. Whether you live in Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, or any of the surrounding areas, we can assure you that Carsandpickups is worth the drive. Once you are here, you’ll be welcomed with a low-pressure and inviting atmosphere. Browse at your leisure, ask questions, and take test drives. The car buying experience has evolved, and at Carsandpickups, you are in control.